Thursday, January 19, 2012

What do you do during a snowstorm?

Snow Art, created by 6-year-olds
posted by  Melissa Baumgart
Here is what I have done during Seattle's Snowmageddon 2012:

  1. Discovered new and addicting websites, such as Pinterest.
  2. Studied for a Statistics test that seems like it will never happen.  Will we ever get back to school?
  3. Search endlessly for contests to enter online.  Air popper for popcorn, Le Creuset cookware, a new bedroom set, a new couch, various vacations, another entry for the HGTV Dream House in Utah.
  4. Continuously listened to Jamie ask over and over again, "Is it snowing?"  "Is it raining?"  "Is that ice or rain?"
  5. Suffered miserably from allergies.  And to what?  Who the F knows.  I haven't been enjoying some of my favorite foods in the hopes of finding out which one may contribute to the atopic state of my being.  And still, two+ weeks in, I am still sneezing.
  6. Walked to Central Cinema through the icy snow and darkness with six children to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  When we reached the theater, we were informed that the voucher I bought was worded in a misleading way.  The ten movie passes I thought I was going to use for the eight of us were instead only to be used by one person for ten separate movie entrances.  So, since I wasn't going to spend $50+ to watch a movie from the 1980's, we turned around and walked back home.  We walked uphill, Tallulah serenading us with her various whines of complaint the whole way.  I will never again use Amazon Local, and question returning to Central Cinema after that fiasco.  These deals should be VERY clear in the wording of the details, I have been burned too many times now from Living Social or Amazon Local.  I'll just stick with Groupon for my Seattle Deals, the OG of all coupons like this.  
  7. Watched Indiana Jones at home, with yummy air popped popcorn thanks to my neighbor.  I gotta get one of those poppers.
  8. Mulled over my list for Good Luck With That 2012.  I have too many things, and perhaps not enough "wow" factor.
  9. Cleaned the house a billion times.
  10. Had some more fun on Pinterest.  I think Good Luck With That needs to start posting pictures on there.  
  11. Watched Tallulah and her friend create snow art with food coloring in spray bottles and squirt bottles.  Luckily, I live on the first floor and can do this from the warmth of inside my window.  
  12. Played Amy at Dance Central 2 on the Kinect.  She kicked my butt.  But I did beat one of the kids.
  13. Watched a couple documentaries.  Food, Inc and God Grew Tired of Us.  The first has got me up at night rethinking my food choices and figuring out how I can get back to my dietary and lifestyle choices of 1999.  What the hell is wrong with this world and all the greedy people that live in it?  The latter movie was about the "Lost Boys" of Sudan.  It was heartbreaking, touching and left me laughing out loud at points about our Western culture.  If you can even call it culture.  Since that movie, I have been saying "Hi!" to people I pass a lot more often.  
  14.  Listened to, and attempted to break up, Lily and Levi fighting a billion times. 
  15. The still hopeful walk to the movies.
  16. Contemplated my Healthival commitment.  After reading Seattle Magazine's 25 best burgers, I am torn between Food, Inc. and my cravings.  But I have been flossing my teeth.  
And now, as the snow continues to dump, I wonder if we'll have school tomorrow.  What do you do for fun when Snowmageddon comes to your town?  

Here's to winter and possibly the last day of snow!  And hoping you had some better ideas than I did, and if so, please share.  Please.  We are getting a little stir crazy over here.


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