Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paleo & Puke

Posted by Amy Baranski

Paleo Pic #5

I'm kind of bummed that I forgot to take a picture of dinner. My son was too busy puking on me from 7pm-9pm so I'm thankful that I even had dinner. I think it was a reaction to the banana I shared with him. He's had this reaction before, about a month ago, so I wanted to test it out again and voila! we have a food sensitivity to bananas. OR he had gastroenteritis...it's hard to tell without getting an official allergy test.

In good news, my trusty friend, blog partner, and neighbor Melissa invited us down for burgers and baseball. Even one of her simple dinners is scrumptious. I literally cried when she invited us over. I needed to be saved from dinner--it just seemed like it was going to be a life-sucking act to make it. I was not feeling right yesterday.

Once we got to her house (an hour late due to a puking baby) we were met with a grass-fed hamburger patty atop a bed of mixed greens (no-bun) topped with regular hamburger fixings and sweet potato-tots on the side. Yum. Babeski only puked once while we were there. Poor little bugger.

I still did not have a lot of green yesterday (with the exception of dinner). I did have a doozy of a lunch. Short on time I went to the QFC deli--which can be kind of dicey. I landed on roast chicken (I was upsold a 4 piece pack), tuna salad, and coleslaw. The tuna sucked (it was sickly sweet) but everything else was just riiight.

No refined sugar or flour or gluten today! And the only dairy was the half-n-half in my coffee. Progress.

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