Friday, April 19, 2013

Paleo Thoughts for the week

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
Paleo Thoughts:
A great movie, I highly recommend this!
  1. I ate 5 of those Jammers this week.  SO GOOD.
  2. I had moments of fantasy today during my cranky hour(s)...stuffing popcorn in my mouth, grabbing a slice of bread, rushing over to guzzle the soda my kids cracked open, sneaking into the van and drinking a whole bottle of wine, etc.  Happy to say, I did not act out on these fantasies.
  3. I have a new obsession in place of the scale, checking my back fat.  I don't have a hand-held mirror, so I use this fold out mirror from a free sample of make-up.  I think there's progress.
  4. After thinking I HAD to finally crack after 19 days of paleo and consume large quantities of carbs, I ate three huge meatballs and felt so, so much better.  Funny, I guess protein and fat really do work.
  5. Friday Night Pizza Night is getting easier.  Especially when I order meatballs for me.
  6. I feel best when I have at least one meal be mostly salad with some protein.
  7. I don't feel good when I only have nuts on hand because they are easy to carry around, and then that's all I eat for several hours (like at a 14 inning baseball game).  Nuts are good, but not in excess.
  8. My fingernails are way stronger, and I bite them less.
  9. After seeing a movie with my thirteen year old about the importance of girls across the globe being able to access an education and seeing how in some countries they are sold for marriage at age 11 or are working for a master from sun-up to sun-down at age 6, my struggle with whether or not to eat popcorn while watching seemed rather trivial.  Perspective.

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