Sunday, April 14, 2013

Paleo Parfait

Posted by Amy Baranski

Paleo Pic #11

I didn't have much time for cooking today. Bob was gone all weekend and I juggled house work and baby, which was fun. We had a blast together. I'm really into nap time right now so I organized my Sunday around getting Babeski his three naps, or so. Last night he did not sleep well. Naps were a success with two solid 90 minute stretches plus a late afternoon cat nap. I started dinner during the first nap - rub a flank steak with spices and throw it in the crockpot. Everything else was quick and easy. I even ate the meatball cold. My son and I discovered the PURE BLISS of coconut cream together today. I had a parfait with strawberries. He had coconut cream with vanilla and blueberries. It was a delight all around. Today felt more like a snack day. I can't believe it's been 11 days already. Oh and I'm pretty sure I've lost around 5 pounds. Yay!

Paleo granola, apple and bacon, a lone turkey meatball, banana, coconut cream and strawberry parfait
and steak carnitas in lettuce wraps. Not pictured: sweet potato fries.

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