Sunday, April 14, 2013

Paleo - Day 10

Posted by Amy Baranski

Paleo Pic #10 - One of these things is not like the other.

Four egg kale scramble with avocado, banana peppers, and bacon! Birthday cake!
Cashew Chicken and Yum Nuer (beef salad) from Jamjuree.
Yesterday I got to celebrate the birthday of a good pal of mine Jennifer. Our babies are close in age and we got to be pregnant at the same time which has made for some great camaraderie! I couldn't say NO to birthday cake! But let me tell you - 7 days or so without refined sugar and I was BUZZING! That part was fun. I don't even think I crashed (I did not eat the whole piece). Interestingly after dinner at our neighborhood Thai joint I was craving grains and sugar so badly. Oh, and if you've never had beef salad, or Yum Nuer, at a Thai restaurant - I highly recommend it. It's very flavorful with mint, cilantro, and lime. MMmmmmm.

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