Saturday, April 6, 2013

75% Paleo

Posted by Amy Baranski

Paleo Pic #3
Again I had a hard time today going 100% Paleo. I started the day off strong with a Paleo frittata (included asparagus, spinach, and tomato topped with bacon). I had two slices (half a 12 inch skillet) and was STILL HUNGRY. I definitely need more food on hand. Sometimes it's hard to get to the store and back to stock up on provisions since I don't have a car. I can only carry a certain amount of food and my son at the same time. Yes we own a stroller but I prefer to carry him. Plus I can push a shopping cart around easier. In great news my arms are getting really strong. Anyway - I broke down and had a bowl of cereal. A HEAPING bowl. And then I totally crashed into a nap with my son. Granted it was early on a Saturday AND I'm tired because of night waking but I think this crash had something to do with the carbs. I guess I skipped lunch because I have no recollection of it. I may have had two hard-boiled eggs that I forgot to take a picture of...Dinner was roasted chorizo + asparagus. I had two chorizos. Uli's brand. SO DELICIOUS. The only thing that could have made that meal more delicious was a grill to cook it on. After dinner I fought (and I mean fought hard) my craving for sugar. I went with strawberries instead. I've decided every time I crave sugar I'm going to reward myself with fruit. Will I be able to make it through tomorrow doing complete Paleo? I'm running out of eggs...

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