Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paleo Problems

Posted by Amy Baranski

It's Paelo month and I've got serious problems starting this diet. On Monday things seemed promising. I decided I wouldn't give up my daily steel cut oatmeal breakfast but that I'd definitely do a Paelo lunch, dinner, and snacks. On Monday I was on track with that (sort of) but then dinner-time rolled around. I'll I had eaten that day was oatmeal and an organic apple. I was off my rocker starving. Bob and I were in the grocery store. You see where this is leading...

That box is empty.
He mentioned Stouffers Mac n' Cheese (Ohio represent!). I resisted for a total of 60 seconds. On top of that I decided that I needed a treat. Because I've been having a dairy sensitivity lately (and gorged myself into a painful tummy ache on sandwich cookies with vanilla filling the other day) I opted for ... Little Debbie SWISS ROLLS.

I miss hostess.

Where's a Ho Ho when you need one?

Swiss Rolls aren't even that good. They are too...saccharine...and yet they fulfilled some sick and cruel need I had to put them in my body. I really should have gone with the Nutty Bars.

Two days later the box of Swiss Rolls is gone. Yes I hid them in a cupboard so the babysitter wouldn't see them. (She's super healthy). I swear I normally don't eat crap like this. Just lately I've been off the deep end. I blame in on my hormonal issues post-baby. Not sure how long I can keep saying that.

Yesterday not only did I finish the Swiss Rolls I had four sandwich cookies on top of that. I had to talk myself down out of having more. Fortunately I made myself drink a lot of water instead. On the upside I had a Paelo lunch yesterday. It consisted of a healthy green salad with broiled salmon steak. Dinner, on the other hand, was a bust. We had a friend over to meet the baby and she very graciously brought us Thai food. It was sort of Paelo. But there were deep fried spring rolls, and you know I wasn't going to pass that up!

So Melissa's feeling chipper about her "clean" diet and I feel like I'm committed nutrition suicide over here. I feel like crap. Seriously. And I can't seem to stop. I keep telling myself that today's a new day and while I haven't had anything Paelo I still have two more meals ahead of me to fix that. But I'm tired, really tired. Our baby is finally teething and his neurons are on fire--the whole world is so interesting to him. So I don't totally trust myself.

At least I've come clean about the Swiss Rolls but will I relapse again?

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