Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Posted by Amy Baranski

Paleo Pic #7

Today was great - EXCEPT that I didn't read the ingredients list of Oberto cocktail peps (peperoni sticks) that I picked up from QFC during a walk with my son. It was lunch time, I was unprepared, and there was a passing rain storm. We ducked into the store together and I pulled together a couple of apples and figured maybe jerky could be a good option. I should have gone with jerky because the Oberto cocktail peps that were screaming my name CONTAINS WHEAT. The package ingredients say so just like that in all caps. Oh well. I brought Melissa into my demise by offering her some (before I knew they were bad). Ha-ha.

From left to right: 4-egg scramble with asparagus spears, onion, garlic, banana peppers, avocado and siracha!, banana, two apples and cocktail peps, cashews, 7 turkey meatballs with shredded brussels sprouts and marinara sauce, and strawberries. Not pictured: Cara Cara orange.

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