Friday, August 13, 2010

harder than i thought

i was so inspired with the books.  and now i look at the rest of my home and it is overwhelming.  where to start?  i think today i will do my china closet.  i have a LOT of crap in there.  lots of herbs and supplements that maybe i might need someday.  or maybe someone i know might need.  shit, most of the stuff in there is probably expired by now!  so, today, china closet and maybe the TV furniture thing ( i can't spell armiore and spell check isn't working).  but i have lots of other stuff to do today and since i worked this morning, not much time to spare.
my kids are out of town...for 2 WEEKS!  holy crap, that is a long time to be child free.  my husband and i lived it up the first weekend here in seattle...brunch out, a movie, walking all over the city, a birthday party at volunteer park....i love the city and our neighborhood, capitol hill.  and then the work week came.  i have been working evenings at the herb shop so i had day time three days here alone.  the first day i spent doing the bookshelf.  felt great.  the next day i spent doing shit on the computer and watching the food network.  i felt like a big fat lazy nothing.  but my friend kate said to jsut relax and enjoy it.  i would have to spend of year watching the food network to even out the playing field of busy my life usually is.  thanks kate!  then the next day i got out of the house and i went to a coffee shop and what i planned on doing was deleting files from my computer since it is slow and i can't skype with all this crap on it.  so, it tied into the blog...getting rid of what i don't need...and would help immensely in many other ways.  and i know, i suck, cause i think i was given the money (thanks, it was very generous, but i think we probably bought groceries or paid the cable bill...which i am about to cancel anyway) by my dad to get a damn external hard drive once already, and i didn't get it.  so there i was at Liberty, this super cool coffee shop/bar/sushi restaurant in my hood, and what did i do? i spent 2 hours looking for places to camp in the pacific NW.  shit, i could just get in my car and drive and hour and i bet a camping spot would be  nearby, a gorgeous one.  so i cam home and rushed around to the co-op and cooking so i could make a meal to drop off to my friends that need some support these days.  god i love them and wish i could do more than just make a meal.  anyway....
basically, i have been a lazy slob, wasting my time....and not chopping my belongings list in half.  but today...even though i am prepping for the said camping trip...i WILL do some whittling.
peace and love y'all...

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becky said...

Melissa- I got rid of about 200 books today. So you actually did plenty by inspiring me. Keep up the good work!