Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kids and Europe....

I know this has nothing really to do with my "learning a language month" but this is on my mind so I am looking for ideas on this...
We want to see Europe. I have tons of ideas, plans, locations I want to visit BUT this seems almost impossible with my girls.  My girls are really so good...they listen, no running, mild meltdowns (ok some huge), and overall really good but as I have come quickly to realize touring around a new city is not really their idea of fun.  It works here in Geneva because I want it to be real life..parks, friends, shopping etc and we have seen so much of the city doing those kinds of things and it works.  We took the train last weekend to Montreax for the day to see the castle and look around the city. It was fun but it was in no way was it relaxing or did I really learn anything about the town.  I think it may have been the fastest castle tour in history.  They loved it but mostly they loved matching the numbers to the map...i am not sure I even had a chance to read the map and really they just wanted to know if it was a princess bed :)!.  I thought I did an ok job of packing a bag but of course not enough snacks or activities to keep them busy and of course without those things you get whiny kids.  And really it costs a fortune to take the train, by the castle tickets, eat out and for whiny kids grrrrrrrr.  They would have been just as happy with the train ride and a look at the castle from the outside.  My new friend Sara just took her kids on a holiday and had similar problems!  SO this is my question HOW am I going to do this...I just can not see spending tons of cash to go places when we have to run into everything and don't have 5 minutes to enjoy BUT we are definitely going to figure this out because I want them to see the world and I want to see the world so I am looking for suggestions of kid friendly travel in Europe.  I do know that there are plenty of places that I will go just with Ian but mostly we would like to move as a family.  I think my first idea is to wait till after the summer and then the crowds should be less...that would help with the whole waiting in line thing.   ok so please send your ideas and suggestions!!!!!!!! I want to go somewhere before the kids go back to school in a few weeks.  I have been asked before if it would be difficult to have my dog here if we want to travel but really he is the easy part it is the girls that I worry about :)!

Back to my Language month...all goes well and it is going to take time as my dear friend Michelle reminded me.  But I will appreciate the small gains of taking Walter to the vet and being able to fill out the French form with no help! YAY  Rosetta Stone tonight!

I started thinking today about next month....Holy Crap Vegan Month in GENEVA.  It made so much sense to me when I picked it in the states but here not so much.  I am going to have to think on it and as friends have said I guess the positive is I will spend less money and lose a good 10 pounds.  I love people who look on the positive!

J'ai faim.  Le temps de manger le diner avec du fromage et de viande :)!!!!


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