Wednesday, August 11, 2010


well, even though my husband thinks we are way out of line for changing the blog this month...i had a great start on my new project.  I went through a bookshelf in my living room and here are the numbers...
Books i kept = 162      Books i got rid of = 141
How's that for a first day?

and i was also thinking, how does this fit into a that takes you to that creative space and opens your life to a new joy.  upon first thought i was like, nope.  cause it seems like once i would get all narrowed down then that would be it.  but, really, it would be a practice to keep up since we are always "needing" something in life.  Always acquiring new stuff.  plus, even if I did get down to basics...wouldn't that then open my life up...perhaps for some creativity to bloom out of the simplicity.  what would life be like without so much stuff?  seems like the things you keep would be all that more meaningful.
my fears that come up around this project:
-my mom feeling mad at me or disappointed that i got rid of something.  we are so different when it comes to attachment to stuff.  sometimes i wish that a fire or something would sweep through my apartment (of course, without anyone being home!!!  i'm not that dark and disturbed) but anyway...just to get rid of all the stuff and be free.  i don't really think there would be anything i would be devastated about.  i mean, it's all just stuff.  things.  replaceable.  they are not our relationships, not our friends and family.  just stuff.  but like i had been mom feels a little differently than i do.  the things are an extension of those relationships to her, is my guess.  a representation, and when the stuff goes....there is a letting go process that has to happen.  and i feel that she can get upset with me for being too brash about my lack of attachment to stuff.  it's an interesting thing to be who you are, even though sometimes it seems like everyone else (or even just your mom) thinks differently.
-Dealing with the desires to get more stuff.  hopefully i'll remember that when i have more space, it doesn't mean it's there to fill it up with new stuff.  my fear is that i am secretly getting rid of stuff so i can replace it with new stuff since i feel like my style has changed a bit as i get older. i will need to stay inspired.
-that i'll need to be borrowing other people's stuff more often than i already do!  it seems we are always running to the neighbors to borrow their clippers or their baking pans.  if i narrow down my stuff because i am inspired to live with less, does that mean i just depend on my neighbors to live with more stuff?  or do i stop every time i need something i don't have and really think about if it is truly needed.

i am sure other fears will come up, and don't worry...i'll be blabbing about them here.
and now where to start today?????

need more you go!
from adbusters magazine, and their "but nothing day"  Totally Hard Core.  and i love it.
a more zen inspired approach if that is your thing.
maybe if we spend less money on stuff, we don't have to work as much and will have more time to enjoy the people, the relationships in life that really make it worth living in the first place.
and for those more mathematically inclined (ian or dad, i wish you read this blog!) here are some numbers to crunch

ok...that's it, i gotta get to work on all this stuff!

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