Monday, August 23, 2010


First I want to say that this post is not to complain...I know this is crazy great that I get to live in Europe for the next two years and that I should treasure every minute of it and that I should feel so lucky to even get this chance...I know all of that and I feel all of those things but I will tell you I underestimated how hard it may be to transition to life here.  You know the funny thing is that all the things I thought would be difficult such as learning my way around, finding things to buy (well grocery store is still challenging but way better today), getting used to city living are not hard at all...these are actually the things I like best.  I love not having a car and that I can get anywhere by bus or tram..that part has been pretty easy.  I also love living in my apartment and the location is great.  I have met some really great moms here that have been a huge support to me and I learn something new about Geneva from them everyday or when I just need to borrow something that I could not find anywhere :)!
Here is the hardest part for me...well the language for sure.  That is why I have been working my ass off to try to get better at it.  I get that most people here speak English and that is great but in certain situations you just need to know some French.  The biggest thing I have noticed is the European/Swiss reaction to children.  They truly believe that children should be seen and not heard...they like kids well quiet kids.  I am sure this is true in many parts of the states..I just have never encountered it very much.  Let me tell you...if your kids run, walk to fast, talk to loud, have a temper tantrum, etc you will hear all about it from people on the bus, in a restaurant, well anywhere.  I don't like to make a general judgment of all people or cultures but this has just been my experience.  I feel like my girls are quiet and well behaved most of the time but I have had multiple interactions with people out and about that feel differently to that.  I think what makes it worse is if they are yelling at your in French...that is not so fun because it is hard to defend yourself when you are not exactly sure what they are saying but for sure they are yelling.  I know I just should not care and let it go and do what I want but it really is hard.  It is more than people saying is part of the culture here and I live now in this culture so I feel like I need to be the one to adapt not them.  Again...learning the language will really help as at least I can try to communicate better.
Also...people here love to relax (in quiet :)) but they are sure in a hell of a hurray to get to the place of relaxation.  They don't even give you a chance to think or move out of the way.  I was in a bakery the other day and the lady was so frustrated that she had to repeat herself or that I was taking so long to respond...well lady you are speaking FRENCH and I am TRYING. 
Anyway...I am not complaining just explaining the things that are difficult to adjust to.  I will continue to practice my French tonight and I am thinking of taking a few classes once the kids go to school.
Oh and I think I found a vegan partner for next month (thanks Sarah!) whooohooo!

My french sentence of the day...I should learn this just in case! Si vous plait tranquille por vous enfants! (Please quiet your children :)!)


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