Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September 1st...well almost

Good Morning, Yes I know that it is the first of September so time to start my vegan diet.  Oh it I knew I was moving when I made this list I would have maybe not picked it.  I am going to spend the next few days looking and recipe books etc but not officially start till we return from our mountain trip next week. I do my grocery shopping on Monday for the entire week so I would like to wait till next Monday for my official shopping day.  OH...I feel like this is going to be hard and I am so not motivated to do it.  The food here is just different and talk about the prices.  Certain things you just can not get like brown rice...even in a health food store and a piece..a single piece of tofu if you can even find it could be around 8ch ($8) and that is nuts so I am going to have to be a bit creative.  I also do not cook more than 1 meal for dinner..you know no extra things for the kids so I typically cook meals that I know they will eat.  I have never been a food pusher and I feel like they eat ok..I mean kid stuff is what they prefer obviously.  I would love for them to eat more fruit, vegetables, salad etc and less juice, chicken nuggets, and mac and cheese but they won't and I do not like to have a battle at meal time just not worth it to me so I make what they like, they eat, or don't eat and whatever is fine with me.  I guess that is an ok philosophy as I did not eat much as a kid and well they have never been really sick, no antibiotics ever for both, and overall they are really healthy so I have not killed them yet :)!  So anyway..I need to think of meals that I can make for my family and just swap things out for my vegan month...you know just leave things out or maybe add some beans or something....we will see and I will think about it this week so I am prepared for my shopping on Monday.  It is more tricky than you think since I can not read the labels...the French I can do pretty well but somethings are in German or Italian and rarely English so everything things seems a bit more challenging.  When I look at recipe books and I did bring a great one that Melissa made..I just can not find the actual things to make it with so what to do?  We will actually be back on Sunday and I did plan to make an Italian dish that I will substitute chicken with eggplant, leave out the cheese, and add some extra veggies.  We will see...I need my inspiration to kick in...MELISSA please cook for me!
I do think the food here in the regular grocery stores are much better quality that in the US.  The fruit and vegetables are almost always seasonal and you can not get everything all year.  They also import very little food and all meats etc are swiss..they even say it on the package. Overall pasteurize things much less here and even packaged foods are fresher tasting overall.  It does seem like the swiss take pride in their overall food and how things are prepared and packaged and yes the cheese, chocolate,and bread is very good.  Oh a good note I did find out that the baguettes are NOT made with eggs YAY!!! I truly think I could live on those for a month :)!  SO yummy!
So wish me luck...I will post next weeks menu when I return from our Holiday as they say here! I am off to have my coffee with no cream :(...no real soy products here so I guess I will just leave it out.  If any of my Geneva friends are reading this and know where to buy these things....CALL ME!

School starts on Monday and both my girls have a French day first..oh my!  I am way more nervous than they are!

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Melissa Baumgart said...

oh no! i just sent a little package with my mom's mail and if i had known i would have sent some vegan stuff! actually, the stuff i sent is not vegan...shit. but it was for the girls (goldfish.) you really are living into the Good Luck with That name! :) a challenge can be fun though.