Monday, August 16, 2010


Today I feel so head hurts.  It was rainy and cold..felt like a Seattle winter day.  I guess I could not put so much emphasis on learning as much French as possible and I know that I have 2 years here so there is plenty of time but I really want to do it but it really makes you tired.
I went to the grocery store (supermarche) and you know how difficult it can be to go to a new store in the states. What isle is everything in, different brands you are looking multiply that by 1000 when NOTHING is in English and all the packaging looks totally different.  There are 2 stores just a block away from our home and we have been using those.  I was feeling overwhelmed with having to go everyday and that the stores all close at 5ish so somedays is was difficult.  I needed to do a big shopping so I went prepared with a menu for the week and a list of what I needed.  It took me forever but I think I did an ok job.  I used as much French as I could. Actually I think being in stores helps since it really is the same vocabulary over and over and over.  I also think I will get a cookbook in French because again it is that repetition of stuff that helps.  I was told once today at the store when I asked if  a women spoke English she said This is Switzerland speak French...hmmm I am really trying lady.  You do not get that much here since it is so International but really she is kinda right.  I do get the feeling that other who know English like the bus drivers don't let on that they do and will on speak in French.
I also was successful today in getting my cell phone and the phone came all in that is another issue...they speak German in other parts of the country so much is in German...grrr that is just way to difficult so I switched with the help of the phone company my phone to FRENCH....I think sometimes you just have to think you have no choice and you will learn faster.    Anyway...I am getting it and although tired it is really awesome to be here and do this!  Oh and the grocery store delivers for 5chf ($5) so that was great...they got here within the hour...perfect. Tomorrow we will try a farmers market. Ok...her is my first attempt to write something for you in French...sorry for such a disorganized post but it is kinda how my brain feels today.
Je suis fatigue.  Je pense que je vais aller au lit.



Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you're tired, but things seem to be progressing. Time, is all you need. Before you know it, you'll be very fluent. When we were in Europe I started in German and found it difficult to try and change to French. To me the French was way harder, all those silent letters and letters that made different sounds - it made no sense to me. In German, you pronounce all the constants and most of the letters make the same sounds as in English. That just seemed simpler.

Glad your groceries could be delivered. I wondered what you would do if you bought more than a couple of bags. Bring everyone to help carry?

Things seem to be going well for everyone. I'd love to talk. We'll have to Skype soon.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there..................You are the best. Love you forever and always, Mommy