Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new moon in Leo

so, yesterday/today is a new moon.  New moons are a time to start projects and get motivated. a new moon in Leo infuses that jump start with a firey energy, a child-like creativity and joy.  Leo is inspiring, generous and heart-centered.  so, all that said, it's no wonder i am feeling like finally getting start on this month's blog.  well, all that and a triple soy latte!  that i got for free!

The only problem i am having is what to learn this month.

it was supposed to be music.  which sounded fun, even though i know how to read music.  i was gonna do the whole accordion thing.  but to be honest, instruments are hard to learn and i felt discouraged to begin knowing that in a month i could only learn maybe...row, row, row your boat.  then i thought i would jump on Dina's bandwagon and do a language, and maybe French so i can chat with them when we visit.  but again, a language in a month?  and i was looking for classes and i couldn't find one this month.  and really, i think it is a great idea to learn French, but i have a year to do that.  so...that left me feeling lost for the month and uninspired.  and also feeling like a failure, a big fat blog failure.  especially after last month!

and now here i am...with the new moon fueling my fire...i am ready to pick myself up and begin anew.

so.....i was in a great little coffee shop the other morning, Stumptown Coffee.  the best coffee in Seattle.  and i was reading the New York Times.  i know, now i sound all educated.  wrong.  they had a copy and the tag line for this article caught my eye.

But Will It Make You Happy?

the article is about paring down, everything.  realizing that all that stuff and the size of your house and making tons of money isn't necessarily what being happiness.  i can relate to that. and since i felt such a connection and a heart-pulling toward the ideas talked about in the article, and seeing that when i came home my external life doesn't exactly reflect that internal...well, i think i have myself a project for the blog this month!

now, I am not sure i can get down to 100 personal belongings.  because that is counting everything...bathroom stuff, clothes, pots and pans, books.  wow.  it all adds up pretty quickly.  but i am going to start the process.  add up what i have as i go.  get down to whatever i can got down to.   now, i know it's not music and it's not a language.  but i think it is important and totally inspiring.  and i am just going to do it.  

and you know, i may just learn a little ditty on the accordion for you all.  and post it at the end of the month.

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Margaret said...

That sounds like a GREAt project!!!! xoxoxo