Friday, August 6, 2010

French it is!

OMG...I totally need to learn French.  I feel like sometimes I am watching a movie and there is an entire world going on without me and I have no idea what is going on.  I really would love to learn music but this is way important right now.  I love it here...I really do but speaking more of the language is going to help so much with meeting people and finding my way around.  I often feel like the dumb American...everybody has to change to English for me....most do speak at least 2 language but the other is not always English.  So that is it for this month :).  I have been doing Rosetta Stone most nights and I am getting some basic vocabulary and phrases.  I am also looking into taking a few classes.  Mostly...I need to use my French as much as I can.  I learned the most yesterday from the movers...I figured out how to direct them to each room using  French..I need them to be here everyday.
Geneva feels like home...I love it and the adventure it brings.

Bon Nuit :)


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