Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st! Swiss Day!

Hello from our new home in Geneva Switzerland.  It is hard to believe that we finally made it and adjusting pretty well since the girls and I have only been here a week.  We have been busy figuring out how to get places and well just figuring it all out.  Lets just say we have a long way to go.  Over the week, I have met some wonderful new friends from Expedia and a few at the park. We have had a playdate, dinner party at our house, and were invited to brunch at a new friends house that I met in the park....not bad for 1 week.  It is Swiss day here..kinda like the 4th of July.  I am not sure why they call it swiss day since it goes on for two weeks...I like fireworks but really this is crazy..oh my poor dog :(.

So writing month was fun for me..I was disappointed that I could not blog much since I had limited access to a computer but I did keep a daily journal for the girls that I think they will enjoy.  I am going to try to keep it up since I will never remember all the things we have done here and will do!  Oh did I mention that all of our stuff comes on Thursday! It will be nice to see it all and maybe make our apartment feel more like home.

This month is learning to read music...when I picked this I was so excited because it is really something I wanted to do but now with the move and all...nothing seems to go as planned.  We have been so busy learning French that learning music right now may not be the best use of our time.  I am thinking maybe I will switch my learning to French...I guess music can be considered a language so maybe it is not that big of a switch.  I think my brain may explode if I try to do both.  Anyway...I will think on it and let you know.


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