Thursday, August 5, 2010

still blogging...

i know it doesn't seem like it!  but here i am!

and unlike Dina...i totally blew writing month.  blew it off.  i did not write.  i didn't send in my thing to the Sun magazine.  I didn't do my morning pages.  i didn't write any poetry.  all lies!  but hey, i had a great month.  so much fun and did things i don't usually get to do....and i had a blast.  so, now here i am to pick up the pieces of my blogger life.  will you ever forgive me? :)

ok, so August is learning to read music month.  i know how to read music, so my original plan was to learn a new instrument.  maybe take accordion lessons.  i once had a vision of me gigging in this little pub up the street with some band, me playing the accordion, and really blowing the place away with my skills.  ok, i times, have illusions of grandeur.  and now that i sit and really think of it and picture me standing in front of people with that big heavy instrument, with my jamming face on (you know we all got one, like the face you make when you are really into your groovy dance moves...yea, that's the one)...well, i am not feeling it so much anymore.  i like Dina's suggestion of switching it to a language.  if i did that, would i switch to French? so that, god willing when we save up enough money to someday visit them, i can speak the language and speak French with my nieces!  that is exciting!  or do i go back into Spanish, since so many people speak it here in the states...and just make sure i visit Spain when i (again, god willing, cause some of you know what a terrible money saver I am) get to Europe.  Next summer.  just putting it out there.

thoughts?  i am gonna look online for classes, see what comes up.  although, a relative was recently talking about how great the Rosetta Stone is.  and i saw a picture of Dina with the girls using it.  is it really great?

well...i am in that weird state of non-sleep you get after traveling.  the one that makes you realize part of the funky feeling you had when you dropped acid years ago wasn't just the acid...there was this whole sleep deprivation part.  i don't know, maybe that's just me.  and maybe i should get more sleep before i blog! :)

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