Friday, August 20, 2010

moving stuff along.

well, i did get some things to the back of the van...ha! now only a few more weeks and they'll make it to the goodwill. :)  and i did throw some stuff away, but only after i offered it to people in my building.  i have some stacks of things sitting neatly in my living room prepping for yard sale time.  I should do the yard sale the first weekend after the end of August.  and did i tell you all my plan?  for the money?  yea, to put it in a savings for the Baumgarts go to Europe Fund!  wooohoo!
The china closet is totally cleaned out, even all the crap that was stacked underneath it is moved and gone.  and my mom said it really was quite a sight! before everything was cleared out, it just had all these supplement bottles and herbal tinctures thrown in there, a big mess.  Now, every time i look at that area of my house i feel like we are getting ready to move out or something...i am just not used to seeing things so sparse and clutter-free!  i love it.
Today it is hard to say I will get more accomplished on the stuff front.  My kids came home last night!!!!  so, i am planning on spending the day with them.  or actually what is going to happen is i am going to be going through their clothes in their drawers (see, I will get to work on this month's theme after all!) adn get rid of old things to make room for all the new clothes that Grandmom got them when they went school shopping in Baltimore, lucky kids.  and the kids will be playing with their friends in the building.  i won't see then until we go to the movie tonight...which is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  they are so excited to see it on the big screen.  see, there was such a find from the blog...central cinema.  still loving that place, and had the best burger there ever a couple weeks ago, BTW.
here's a website that has some great book suggestions....i want to read them all.  and it reminds me of how the gardening month really ties into this month as well.  if you are growing your own food, you are living more, and spending less...and not to mention eating well and helping heal the planet!

off to the clothes!

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