Thursday, March 1, 2012

Take the Plunge!

Posted by Melissa Baumgart & Amy Baranski
Welcome to Water Aerobics Month!

We are clearly very excited about it.

Are you up for the challenge of the month?  Are you going to jump in the pool and get some exercise with us?  We have a new poll on the sidebar, up top under our monthly photo, where you can share your intentions.  

If you're new to this blog, we have a monthly activity, where we step out of our comfort zone and try something new.  We always have a lot of fun with our monthly photo shoots, this month being no exception.  

If you are in Seattle, the Parks and Recreation Department offers a Fitness and Aerobics Swim Ticket (FAST) which is an unlimited monthly pass for a great price. This includes public swims and classes, such as water aerobes, aqua jog and deep water fitness.  Our guess is there is something similar in your area if you don't live in Seattle.  

Here's to looking better in our swimsuits by the end of March!  

If you're new to this blog, check out what we do, why we do it and like our Facebook page to stay up to date and participate.


Tracy said...

Have fun with that! I did it years ago and I mean double digits years ago. I was by far the youngest and least wrinkled and jiggly one there. Can't say that now though...I'll bet some of those gals will rock the pool.

Ann said...

When do we start? I haven't been since the day before I went into labor with Luke!! Water jogging, hydrofit, shallow end, deep end, what's the PLAN? Medgar Evers? I will meet you there and I will bring Lily!!

Cassandra said...

I will be encouraging you guys from the sidelines. ;) The pool at our apartment complex isn't heated and I'm too lazy to go find a heated gym pool when we're getting ready to leave. lol

Love the photo shoot this month!

Amy said...

Did it lots a couple years ago. With the Seattle Parks and Rec pass it's fun to try out classes at different pools. Doesn't work with my schedule right now. Enjoy! You look ready.

Melissa Baumgart said...

@Tracy, It is a lot of fun, I have been the past two days. Have you thought about doing it again?
@Ann, We'll let you know when we go again. We went to Green Lake today and it was a ball!
@Cassandra, Too bad about your chilly pool. maybe when you get to Seattle, we can meet at the pool!
@Amy, The pass is such a great deal. And we are so READY!
Thanks for reading, everyone!