Monday, March 12, 2012

Put Me In The Water - Poker Returns!

Posted by Amy Baranski

What a weekend! Water exercise first thing on Saturday, then grocery shopping, then crock-potting dinner together, then simplifying my work space, and finally a poker game played almost until midnight with some serious poker guests, including someone who often plays down in Olympia with other policy makers.

It was all in good fun.

I haven't played poker since the game nights Melissa and Jamie hosted last year during Poker month. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed the game. Maybe that's because I lost a lot. The epic battle while sitting around the table with good people talking about this-and-that for hours was/is delightful. Best of all, there were no computer, TV, or cell phone screens on (except the occasional and necessary Google search and a couple mamas checking on their young.)

This time I played "penny" poker which was really nickle, dime, and quarter poker. Previously I'd only played with chips and a pool of money. Playing with real money changes the game! I learned a ton of new games including Baseball, Screw Your Neighbor, Anaconda, and Bo Jackson. I even won a hand or two, but I did not come out on top. I think that honor went to our stealthy poker playing neighbor Carol. So congrats Carol and I look forward to winning my money back!

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