Thursday, March 1, 2012

A new chapter

Posted by Amy Baranski

Dear readers

I've been carrying around an heirloom tomato-sized secret for the past four months. It recently grew that big. It was skittle-sized, then proportioned like a strawberry, and lime-sized before that. In addition to the three books I've completed for Read a Book a Week month I've had some other literature on my mind. I'm sure you can see why.

Perhaps our 2012 list of things to do, and it's order, will make perfect sense to you now. This month was about reestablishing good reading habits. A love of books and reading is something my husband and I share, and we know that where we might lack in other areas that's one gift we can always give our child. Many moons ago we ditched our television in pursuit of listening to more music, playing games, having conversation, and reading. It's been hard! And, we're both really going to miss watching the Tour de France in real-time this year.

Read a Book a Week month has been very inspirational, even if I did quit one of my books. I feel great about having completed three in 29 days, and today I am starting my fourth which is Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury. When I was 23, Abhijit, a co-worker of mine took me to a second hand book store and bought me 10 books that he felt important for me to read. This is an excellent gift for a 23 year-old. A collection of Ray Bradbury novels was one of them. I  plan to continue reading as much as possible throughout this pregnancy, and beyond. Navigating sleepless nights and busy schedules will be an adventure that will hopefully allow us to continue reading and growing together.

It has been asked multiple times: Did you think about doing Have a Baby month on the list this year? Of course! I just couldn't give up tennis.

My blog partner was very accommodating in designing this year's schedule, thank you Melissa. So, now I join the ranks for the mommy blog-o-sphere! God help us all.

In all seriousness, giving birth is one of the biggest adventures of my life, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I have experienced such an outpouring of love from so many people that helped form my life--such as my mother, who bawled like a baby when I told her the news, and my sister, who is over the moon with baby shower themes and ideas and sisterly support, to my nephew Ty who tells me repeatedly that he loves me, (and that he like my baby too), not to mention my father and brother who gleam with the Baranski pride in their eyes when they see me. There is so much love, it's humbling, and I've only mentioned just a very few people who have been supportive. There's a whole party going on over at my Facebook page at the moment and it's very humbling and heart warming. I hope you can share in my joy.

If you're new to this blog: my friend and I try to step out of our comfort zone by trying something different each month. Read our list for 2012.


Cassandra said...

Amy - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

I'm over here doing a happy dance for you. lol

Enjoy Fahrenheit 451! I really liked it. There's actually a good movie adaptation, if you're interested. Netflix has it available to watch online.

Melissa Baumgart said...

I am so super duper happy for you! I would accommodate just about anything for you, my sweet pregnany special friend ;) Well, except maybe participating in "having a baby month" myself. I think I'll stay on the sidelines for that one. I am so honored to be on this journey to motherhood with you. And watch out moomy blogger, GLWT is hot on your tails.