Friday, March 23, 2012

When did I turn into a pregnant woman named Melinda?

Note, the glistening light.
Posted by Melissa Baumgart
It all happened yesterday at my noon water aerobics class.  Mostly I chatted with Amy during class.  You can have some pretty good conversations while bobbing around in the water.  Like wondering if being in the water reminds us of what it was like in the womb, our limbs always moving through liquid.  Then Amy reminded me that our heads stick out of the water, so it really isn't like being in the womb, unless we're talking right after crowning during birth.

Here are a few snippets of the conversations I had with people other than Amy.

An elderly woman makes eye contact with Amy.
"Hi.  Are you new?  What's your name?
"Oh, well, we have two Amy's then." And then she looks at me, "And what's your name?"
"Melissa." I repeat with extra emphasis on the ssss.
"Melinda."  She repeats, with confidence, and aqua jogs away.

Later during some abdominal crunches, the instructor, with the microphone at his mouth, says to me,
"Are you pregnant?"
"Oh, it's just that you're in the water and the light is glistening on your suit and it's hard to tell."

Thanks, buddy.  I am here to get fit, not to feel fat.
I think I'll find another pool for today.

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