Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Water Blogged

Posted by Amy Baranski

With big travel this past weekend I was remiss in blogging. But I did go to water aerobics four consecutive days last week! Exercising consistently felt phenomenal. So it was very hard to get on a plane and take a three day rest.

That's because exercise provides this great ripple effect:  I drink more water, I eat healthily, and I find increased focus and productivity in my work.

Of course, at the beginning of the month after class I would make a big meal, take a cat nap, startle awake and go on with the rest of my day. That crash effect stopped after I made exercise my regular routine. I now sleep really well at night after a good work out during the day.

Taking off three days of water aerobics to go visit family...I wouldn't give that up for the world.

I've attended all but one of my classes this month at Medgar Evers pool. It's so close and feels like "my" neighborhood: parts hipster, gentrified, African American, and new-immigrant communities. The demographic is young. In the evenings the lap lanes are full of eager-bodied teens swimming swiftly from end to the other. I love the energy of the place, even if all the instructors are not equally motivating. Yesterday I stepped back in the pool after the weekend hiatus. The flotation belt had been causing some chaffing on my arms so I'm wearing it below the bump, which prevents the chaffing but presents it's own difficulties (such as slipping down over my hips or creeping up onto my bump).

Today however, I'll miss my usual noon-time class to go to Melissa's favorite Senior class at Greenlake. That pool is fun too, it just doesn't feel like "home" to me. I guess I like the industrial (concrete/low natural light) feel of the Medgar Evers building. Really it's the people I like most, and the smell of Ezelle's fried chicken every time I emerge from the building. But when in the water I feel the same no matter where I am. So here I come Greenlake!


Your Secret Admirer said...

Amy I'm totally inspired that you go out to swim, and are just staying so healthy for that kid. You're the best!

Amy Baranski said...

Thank you Secret Admirer! You've made me feel like an adolescent girl again knowing I have an SA!

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