Friday, September 17, 2010

Just an update!

First I want to say that I am so happy that Melissa is back.  I was kinda worried but Bob and Becky gave the best birthday present ever! So I am sending them a huge thank you!  I loved reading Melissa talk about Becky and the things she has done since we started this.  That is so cool and I also have had many people say they have tried things or maybe just thought about things differently.  I love yay for Becky and anyone else out there is maybe doing pieces of this with us.
I need to back up to my learning a language month...holy shit I thought I was doing so well with my French and then I went to back to school night..hmmmm.  They did serve wine so that was interesting but maybe if I drank the whole bottle I would have been able to understand what is going on.  I think most of the parents do speak some English but when they all get in a room together they use French as for most it is their first language so that would make sense but REALLY hard to follow.  I think I got most of it but the brain power that it takes to follow that kinda of conversation is intense.  You should have seen Ian's face...he looked so cute trying to nod like he understood what was going you babe!  They would translate some things but most well just in really was an interesting experience to say the least.  It makes me realize how hard Madeline and Hazel must work to spend 8hours in that kind of environment.  No wonder they are so tired when they get home.  Madeline has started some French tutoring that is provided by the school.  I would compare it to ESL in the states and that seems to boost her confidence.  The best thing is that from all the parents who have kids that came into the school with French zero (none, nada) they are pretty much fluent after the first year.  That is a crazy gift I am giving my girls.  Now for me....French month will continue I think for the next two years.  I am also starting French tutoring on Tuesday mornings...gotta keep up with my girls and mostly be able to help them with their homework.
Now on to Vegan month...I am continuing on and enjoying it.  I have been doing pretty well...I wish Melissa was here to do it because her food sounds yummy..well not sure about the nutritional yeast thing but I would try it.  I am SO doing margarine....and yes will cover my ears at the critics.  She just sounds like she is eating so many yummy things but I just feel like I am not eating much.  I would love french fries..yum but at 10chfs if you could even find them no thanks...I did make some myself and they were pretty good.  The bread continues to be yummy and I have enjoyed dinners that we have made here at the house.  So overall I am pretty proud of myself and definitely something I will think to continue..well not all of it but bits and pieces that I feel work well in my diet. to find something to eat for breakfast.  My kids come home for lunch on Fridays...I love it!  They only do it once a week but I look forward to having them...would never really do that in the states!  We are busy trying to organize a vacation for August so we will see!
enjoy your day!  Oh and Happy Birthday to my Gram!  I LOVE YOU!

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