Thursday, September 23, 2010

I need to Blog!

I need to blog, I need to blog, I need to blog....all day yesterday and today I have been saying this to myself but just have not sat down to do it so here I am.  The problem is I can not think of anything to say...well anything interesting that is.  I feel bad for you wonderful people who read this because I feel like it must be all blah blah blah to you..if I don't even think it is that interesting to read my posts.  So here I go...I will just put it out there...what is going on and well if you fall asleep reading it I apologize! 
Vegan month is going fine...not great but fine.  I have been pretty successful with some minor oops along the way but considering I don't understand the language I feel like I have done pretty well.  There are parts of it I will continue in the months to come.  I like not eating so much dairy and the meat I don't miss much at all.  I do miss eggs and well since I am not trying to save the world with this Vegan thing I will add somethings back into my diet.  Overall, I am pretty proud of myself.  I definitely feel better about my body eliminating dairy...seem to just feel better overall....I don't know it may be my imagination but I do feel better...I am down 6 pounds from the I am on vacation and I will eat whatever I want diet and I am feeling more like myself so we will see.
Geneva overall is going great! I like it here and everyday it feels more and more like home. Kids having playdates, school, friends, just regular life!  I like that!
More to bore you with later!

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