Friday, September 24, 2010

back to yoga. starting cleanse.

maybe it's the full moon in Aries.  but my ass is getting kicked into gear.  i can actually barely type this cause yoga class was so awesome that i am not really down from it yet.  it is harder after being gone for two months.  i can't believe i only took two class since july 14th.  and then started back up yesterday.  i am kinda feeling like doing the 30 day challenge, but we'll see.  so, it is harder, but i also feel more gentle with myself, like this is a lifetime practice and i don't have to do all the poses every class, exactly right.  just do 100% of my ability that day, and i will receive 100% of the benefit.  man my hands are shaky.  good thing for spell check. :)

and i started the cleanse this morning.  since i never take herbs or supplements, unless i have a cold, i choose to make it very simple.  (and i know...bad, bad herbalist!)  i bought healthforce nutritionals' vitamineral green powder.  it has everything green in it, I'll get the bottle next time and let you know some of the hundred things it contains.  and i am going to do the earth powder by the same company...and use it like a broth.  again, i'll elaborate on ingredients next time.  i also have their intestinal drawing powder, for gut support, since i have been feeling a little less than stellar in that area.  which i am so not used to.  the first few days i am going to eat food, and then maybe spend a couple days just green juice and other liquids.  i am also doing a detox tea everyday for liver support.  but i am cutting out dairy, soy, wheat, meat, eggs, sugar and salt.  any other allergens i am leaving out?  doing this for a week.  well, we'll see.  that is my intention.  to finish up vegan month all cleaned out and ready to add foods back in one at a time and see how they affect my system.

also reading pema again...this time "The places that scare you" Pema Chrodron.  awesome!

anyone else up for the challenge?


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not so much but thanks for asking : )