Monday, September 27, 2010

day 4 of cleanse

it's going great.  i have moments of desperation where i think i just have to have some food.  something.  and then i have some green drink or a couple almonds  or i sit with that feeling.  cause sometimes it isn't that i am hungry, it's that i am desperate to not feel whatever it is a feeling...frustrated, empty, angry, overwhelmed.  and sometimes it is because it is just an automatic to go to food.  just like when i made coffee this morning, i made a whole pot, out of habit.  i often go to food, out of habit.  maybe one day i can be less extreme, like not always on a cleanse and still learn from this and bring that awareness to my day and to my relationship with food.  it's almost easier to be on the cleanse because i don't have to deal with my food relationship, it just the flip side of the coin.  i spend most days not dealing with my relationship to food, but just stuffing it in my mouth whenever i want.  to a certain degree.

so i am still going on the same.  a piece of fruit and a half a day, around that.  and one small portion of beans and veggies, plain.  and a few almonds.  i added avocado today and yesterday to get some good fats.  and then lots of tea, greens powder, earth broth and intestinal drawing formula once or twice a day.  when i wake up i don't have the same amount of energy i am used to.  and i feel a little spacey at times.  but overall, i feel really good.  i feel clear.  emotionally, i feel clear.  as the day goes on my energy level is good.  and by bed time i am so happy that i made it another day.

only three more to go....then salsa friday night!