Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i may not stop being vegan

maybe it's my type A blood type.  maybe it's my hippie at heart nature.  maybe it's my black and white extremist thinking patterns (can you say three planets in virgo?)....i don't know what it is, but i like being vegan.  i just may stick with it.  or maybe mostly, but get that burger from a locally raised grass fed cow at a restaurant up the street once in a blue moon.

today's food log goes as such:

breakfast - coffee with coconut creamer, then coffee with soy creamer and a bite of apple
lunch - crepes stuffed with quinoa and served with salsa and a jalepeno aioli, served with a noodle and seitan salad.
(lunch was from Sage, a vegan place up the street from my work.  turns out it is owned by the same people that own the place jamie and i went, Plum)   *both places were delicious!
dinner - we got our farm box today so i am using veggies from there to make a curry dish.  potatoes, carrots, apples, and chickpeas with spinach over quinoa.  luckily, i already had chickpeas cooked and leftover from this weekend.

and some prosecco that my neighbor gave me on my birthday....yum!

i don't usually get seitan because it is mostly made of wheat and i think it can likely upset someone's belly.  then again, i used to eat it a lot.  also, i feel like it is only there to create a meat like substance.  whereas tempeh is fermented and was around before fancy vegan meat substitutes were.

i am starting back to yoga tomorrow.  i know, i'll believe it too...when i read it on the blog.  tomorrow is so far away.  and tomorrow has come again and again when it comes to promises made to oneself.  i just know that i'll feel better using my body again.  i feel thick in the middle, and i am.  i feel lazy.  i feel sad.  and even though there may be reasons in my life to induce a sad feels like it spreads to every part of my day more easily when i don't feel strong and capable in my body.  at the very least, i am willing to see if yoga will help me manage my emotions, feel them and let them go.  then feel them again if they come every hour.  and let them go....again.


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Lucy said...

I know what you mean about the Type A blood. I've long attributed my distaste for meat to my blood type (A). Meat is also the only food that has every caused food poisoning for me. I've gotten sick from sausage, hamburger, hotdog and chicken. Yuck!