Saturday, September 11, 2010

I did it!

One week down and I did it!  I am pretty proud of myself because it is harder than I though for a variety of reasons.  I guess the first being it can be challenging just to find foods in the store that I can eat, reading the packages etc, the other being to find foods that I actually like.  I think it may be a texture thing but some of the grains etc just taste mushy to me or just to soft.  I don't know if it is the way they are cooked or what but yuck.  It is kinda the same reason that I don't like stuffing or bread pudding..just that soggy bread taste.  Dinners have been the best..I feel like overall I have liked my dinners and that I am pretty satisfied after.  It does feel nice to have given up most sweets and I do like the dried fruits and nuts I have been snacking on.  I also found a nice soy milk for my coffee that I like. I think my hardest part is breakfast and lunch.  I am just having trouble coming up with things that sound good to me...and if nothing sounds good to me I just choose to not eat so at dinner I am pretty hungry.  Eating out is also pretty funny...there are really no choices...well except pizza without cheese, bread, or well bread :).  I will keep working on it but with one week down it feels pretty good to be successful at it.  This week I am only going to cook 2-3 nights and the others in the house are going to pick up a night.  So here is what I am thinking..
Corn and black bean salad (tofu) with pork chops (not for me :))
Tandoori Veggies (chicken) with rice
Calzones with sauce and veggies (cheese and meat)

Melissa has been without a computer and we miss her on here...hurry and get one ;)!  I am sure she is doing great as she is definitely a pro at this!  I wish she was here to help guide me a bit on this.

One week down at the girls school and it went well!  I feel ready for the week ahead and like we are really settling in.  I have moved so far out of my comfort zone and really put myself out there to introduce myself to people, set up play dates, being out and about.  That kinda stuff is pretty hard for me as I really do like to be by myself but I need to do it so I will continue to push forward.  I was asked to be on the school committee and room parent for Hazel's class...not bad for the first week.  I am thrilled about it!  Funny..but in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would get an email from one of my kids teachers that looked like this...
C'est avec plaisir que nous souhaiterions que vous soyez notre parent de classe!
Je vous envoie ci-joint le cahier de charge et nous pourrons en parler la semaine prochaine.
Oh French is getting better but always a good idea to Google translate so that I don't miss anything!  Ian and Joyce are traveling next weekend and I am looking forward to having the house to myself.

I am truly blessed for the opportunity to live here, experience this, and spend so much time with my kids.  No, it is not perfect but I am incredibly grateful for each and everything that has been provided for us.


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