Saturday, September 25, 2010

i love food

mostly, i am missing food.

i was reading some Pema yesterday and there was a line something like this....'there is a grain of truth to that'...and i was all like, mmmmm grains.  so, yea, i am missing food.

this is day two of the cleanse.  and i have to keep reminding myself why i am doing this.  i am re-setting my body/mind connection for one.  when we eat junk foods, the more we eat them, the more we crave them...and i have such a hard time with that.  i want more bread, more fries, more potato chips, more wine. everyday seems a good reason to celebrate with food and libations.  and it is.  (and it comes to mind that don't have to celebrate it with overeating and drinking.)    and then i can feel my body and my mind starting to drift into a downward spiral.  so, that is one reason.  two is i want to see what it is like to do a cleanse.  i want to see what my body feels like to be free of the everyday toxins or possible food intolerances i live with.  i often am congested or have allergies and this is a great way to see if any foods are affecting that.  and i sure there is a reason three, but my mind is foggy and forgetful today :)

yesterday i did the green drink in the morning with a cup of coffee.  i am not ready for that no coffee headache, so i am having one cup a day.  which is quite a bit less for me.  then i drank lots of water all day.  i had a banana after yoga and half a pear later in the afternoon.  i also had about 1/2c of black beans and kale.  i had some of the Earth broth in the evening and detox tea.  and i finished off the night with some project runway and intestinal drawing formula!

today....more of the same.  half a pear and 4 almonds.  green drink.  detox tea.  lots of peppermint tea.  drawing formula and broth.  and it's not even 3pm.  i'll probably do more green drink and broth and drawing formula later too.  my jaw is tight and tense.  i feel a bit more irritable than usual and like i want to go be alone.  reading pema is helping a lot.  and i feel so much better in my body just after two days of yoga and cleanse.'s the website for the products i am using.  easier than typing all the ingredients out.  Healthforce Nutritionals.

i am off to finish completing an application i am turning in tomorrow.  it is for a job as a birth assistant for a birth center in kirkland...they do birth center births and home births.  i am more than excited.  but i don't want to get my hopes up too much, it's just that it would be perfect for me right now.  i would be on call, but with boundaries, like for certain days or shifts.  and the time commitment for each birth is less than a doula's.  and it would really help me on my path to eventually become a midwife.  so, if i could have a couple doula clients and do this birth assisting, i could quit my "day job" and do something so very fulfilling to me and serving the world in such a positive way.  but that is a little off topic, jsut exciting so i wanted to share.

and ps...if it weren't for this blog, i mist be more tempted to go straight to my kitchen and get some popcorn going and pop open a bottle of sparkling wine!  you all help me be accountable.  thank you!


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