Wednesday, September 29, 2010

day 6 of cleanse and i feel great!

I just got back form yoga, 3 days this week so far, loving that.  i have been taking it easy in class though, as my strength just hasn't been the same since cleansing.  but i feel so great afterwards today.  i started the day with some frustration, mostly with myself, and my attempt to learn every day how to be in the world.  i am trying these days to learn to balance taking care of myself, and still help others.  to keep the community vibe going on.  anyway, that came up as a conflict for me this morning and i don't think i handled it the best way...but being gentle and compassionate with myself...i can make amends and learn from my behavior.  as i walked into yoga i was still not settled and had a heck of a time with the breathing exercise.  it seemed like the teacher was never going to stop.  but i settled in, with the sweat and the quiet of my mind, and the slow breathing.  and walked out a new person.  really, that's how transformative it can be sometimes.

this morning before yoga, and before the upset, i had such a treat.  i made a smoothie with some apple cider we got from our farm box this morning and frozen blueberries (did you know you can get them in bulk at Madison Market?) and the green powder.  mmmmm.  it's like everything has extra flavor these days.  and for a person that loves food more than anyone! ;)

i am brewing up some detox tea, can't remember if i mentioned i have been drinking that everyday as well. it has things like dandelion, artichoke, burdock, nettles, calendula, fennel and more.  getting some liver support.

here is a link to a website that gives some reasons why other people choose to be vegan.  not everyone does it for a blog! huh.

when i was vegan before...i did it for health reasons, environmental reasons and for the animals.  i remember thanksgiving one year at my mom's house in Ohio.  i saw the neck of the turkey and it really hit me in a new way, like i never realized i was actually eating an animal.  i think we are so removed from where our food comes from in most of America, that it was a shock to me, and i was in college!  so that was when i went vegetarian, and then switched to vegan down the road.  i was pregnant, nursed a baby through a pregnancy and nursed two babies all while being mostly vegan and some vegetarian.  but keep in mind, there are healthy ways to eat in any diet we choose.  just as there are unhealthy ways to eat in any diet.  even a vegan diet can be unhealthy if someone doesn't educate themselves.  i don't know that i stand behind every reason for veganism anymore, but i do feel great in my body eating this way.  maybe it's my type A blood type.  who knows.  i do know it can be quite controversial and get some people's blood rising.  there are some hard core vegans.  and there are some hard core not vegans too.  have you read Nourishing Traditions?  by sally fallon.  meat lover.

ok, i have been all over the place today and it's just past noon.

ps...i posted a link to another blog i like.  it is by Laura Culberg...she is one of my yoga teachers and one of  the owners of the sweatbox where i practice.  you'll find the link down on the right hand side of our blog.


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