Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here We Go!

Good Morning!  We are back from Chamonix and we had a great time!  Here is a picture of how beautiful it is! We stayed in a great little apartment looking at the Mont Blanc mountain and it was great!
I write this as I have my first cup of coffee with no cream :) and so far so good.  Today is my first vegan day ever and I am building up my motivation everyday.  As Melissa reminded me it is a challenge and sometimes that can be fun!  That is the piece of advice I am using so thanks Melissa!  I am going to shop tomorrow so here is my weekly menu.  I am going to try a few new recipes but mostly stick to thinks that I make often and that my kids will eat.  I would like to try other new recipes..the site Melissa posted is great but I need to spend some time at the grocery store Monday looking to see what I can and can't get and then I will have a better idea of what to make.  Here is the menu!
Monday-Vegetable with Quinoa saute with orange
Tuesday-Indian (have not totally figured this out but we are having company for dinner so I will use a mixture of veggies and chicken.  I may use parts of Melissa's recipe but we do have a somewhat bigger ethnic section of the grocery so I will will not be eating with us tonight so a good night to try something new!)
Wednesday- Chicken Man!  No not vegan or for me!  Geneva has these carts set up all over the city on different days of the week with roasted chicken.  Ian and I have a work function so the girls will have this and I will eat leftovers/salad etc.
Thursday- Stir fry with peanut sauce
Friday- Mexican and black bean casserole
Saturday- Rice and chickpea stuffed cabbage
Sunday-Middle Eastern veggie and couscous

Kinda looks ok?  We will see!  So my girls start school tomorrow...I am so nervous.  I think I would be nervous for them anyway but it is just all so new and they both have a 100% FRENCH day tomorrow so no English at all from 8-4.  That just seems exhausting.  Off to clean the house and pack backpacks!  What to eat for breakfast?
Happy Vegan Day!

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Carol said...

okay - here's a tip. COCONUT MILK. You can use it in your coffee and cook with it anywhere you'd normally use cream or milk.