Sunday, September 5, 2010

been there

i forgot to tell you all that i used to be vegan years ago (or maybe i did mention it in passing), for a few years.  we were vegan and vegetarian, off and on.  it seemed like everytime i got pregnant i would switch my eating habits.  so, just wanted to remember to mention that.  this vegan thing does come pretty easily to me.  and yet, at the same time, it is hard to jsut switch your diet, to take things out taht you have become accustomed to eating.  we get so attached to our food.  and it often takes some great health crisis to change people's eating habits for the better, at least that is what i have seen working with people in becoming invested in their health and well being. 
so, anyway, today we are walking down to the farmer's market.  my friend, Erin, is in town and she loves checking out the farmer's markets.  last night after she got here we had a great vegan dinner.  we stopped at the co-op and got some extra fixings to go with some of the pinto beans i had made earlier in the week.  i always make a bunch of beans when i cook them.  i mean, if you are going to soak them and cook them forever, you might as well get a few meals out of it.  so, we had burritos.  i roasted a poblano pepper, peeled it and sliced it up.  we also had guacomole, lettuce from my farm box, fresh salsa, crisp geren peppers...all in a nice little wrap.  it was soooo good.  and we also had french 75's to drink.  YUM.  you shake cracked ice with a little sugar (1/2tsp) and fresh squeezed lemon juice (1oz) and gin (2oz), i like Plymouth gin.  after you shake it all up, you strain it into a glass with more cracked ice and top it off with brut champagne.  holy cow, they were so good.  and vegan!
the kids have been doing great at vegan week.  although lily was quite upset, um, ok rageful, about the chard and squash in our tofu scramble we had this morning.  whatever, they're vegetables, get used to it kid, you need them to live.  and levi, i loved this...he was at his friend's house the other night and when he came home he was telling us about the dinner they had and how the chicken apple sausages looked so good and that he really wanted one but didn't eat it.  i was like, what? they wouldn't give you a sausage?  and looked at me like i was crazy.  Mom.  sausages aren't vegan.  i was so proud of him for sticking to his choice, even out in the world, even in the face of a delicious chicken sausage.  but then last night he went with his friend Cole again and they went to a hotdog place in town and he looked at me and, can't i jsut take tongiht off from being vegan? :)  i said it was up to him.
ok, so after the farmer's market...we need to head to the mac store.  my computer died last night.  jsut out of nowhere, white screen, and nothing will change.  jsut a white screen, a clicking noise and a flashing file folder with a question mark on it.  hmmm.  this mercury in retrograde thing is really serious this time.  wtf.  we are really wroking to save money for this europe trip and it seems like everything is popping up that we have to spend money, car, etc. 
OMG!  i almsot forgot.  i had the yard sale yesterday.  and i made $180.00!  not bad for a day's work.  well, actually a month's work.  hey, wait a minute, now my 180 doesn't sound like so much!
i hope this computer thing doesn't cramp my blog style...luckily Erin has her laptop so i could blog this morning.

and happy anniversary Jamie. xoxo

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