Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Victory is sweet, mostly in the 15 year seats

Sitting here listening to Bright Eyes' new album, the People's Key.  I fell in love with Conor Oberst's music with his fist solo album, Conor Oberst.  (seriously, one of the best albums you can buy)  He is an amazing lyricist.  He has an incredible talent to put together instruments and sounds; to create a song, an album, an experience.  So far, one song in, this new album is no exception.  The CD was a gift from Jamie to me, for our 15 year anniversary.  He also got me the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.  I guess you do get to know someone pretty well after that many years.  He used to buy me CD's for every special occasion and it completely enraged me, and now...well, either the choices are more meaningful, or my expectations are less intense.  I say it must be the prior.  Everything is more meaningful after 15 years.  The love, the everyday, the issues, the baggage...but mostly the love.   Just the fact that we are still here after 15 years, after so many reasons to go...come on, we all find reasons to go.  It takes creativity and the ability to see the big picture and patience and forgiveness to be here.  Day after day.  Thankfully.
at the kitchen table, Sitka&Spruce

But back to the blog.  I received our business cards today.  They are awesome!  Simple and straightforward.  Just right.  I only wish I would have had them Saturday night...out to Sitka & Spruce (amazing food and great hosts) and the Paramount to see Rock of Ages.  What a great night!  (as always, with the Riley's.  love you guys!)  And I am sure I could have handed out a few cards...at least to all the wanna-be rockers.  Don't you think that crowd would love this blog?  You know, I am sure I will sing more than a few of those songs during karaoke month!  I can't stop singing them now...."Here I go again on my own..."

But really, back to the blog.  Amy and I met this weekend and we have totally changed the course of our business plan.  After my seminar last Wednesday, and much brainstorming afterwards....I came to see what my true passion, as far as a business goes, right now.  I thought it would be the thing that had to do with the vegetables background on the blog, but no.  Not at all.  I think that was a spark that started the important conversation of being into some kind of business...but then again vegetables often spark a lot of interest for me.  I LOVE food.  Mostly mayonnaise...but vegetables too.  So, at our meeting this past weekend, turns out Amy had been thinking the same thing too.

So, hopefully, somewhere , someday, we will find victory... or success in this business venture.  In much of what i have thought about tonight in this post, it brings to mind a Conor Oberst lyric from his song, Cape Canaveral.

I watched your face age backwards
Changing shape in my memory
You told me Victory is sweet
Even in the deep seats.

and now, I  am melting into the beauty of the "Ladder Song".....
wow.  Good night.


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Amy said...

15 years, 15 years. get down girl go head get down.

nah srsly: congrats to you an jaime-palooza.