Friday, February 11, 2011

Cinderella dressed in yella

Today is Friday.  It has been two days since the business plan seminar I attended and I have not written a word on any business plan.  Instead I have been busy writing my resume and cover letter, from scratch, because my computer's hard drive crashed back in September and I lost everything.  For the second time.

Can you tell I am in a stellar mood today? ;)  Got my bright and cheery disposition out to shine.

I have to tell you about this morning, I spent it chaperoning Tallulah's class to the Pacific Northwest Ballet's performance of Cinderella.  Some points were so memorable and fun, I truly love hanging out with kids that age, being a sorta teacher like role.  But overall, it is hard to enjoy a ballet performance when 75 kindergartners need to be hushed and gently reminded that the little person in front of them does not like the incessant tapping with the big boots on the back of their chair.  In an effort to tune out the noise, I got caught up in staring at the beautiful Cinderella sign on stage, and drifted off to a day dream where i had a fourth child and named her Cinderella.  And I really thought that was a great idea.  By the time the school bus was turning the corner back to school, the noise level from the constant talking and laughing and sometimes screaming children had numbed my ear drums, and only now, 2 hours later is the ringing subsiding.  Oh, to be a school bus there's a job that'll drive you to drink.  Or shoot heroin.  Or maybe just drive the big yellow, sound-torture-chamber-on-wheels right into Lake Washington.    But really, there were some sweet moments.

Back to the job search.  To qualify for unemployment, I have to "make contact" with three job possibilities each week.  There is nothing out there that I qualify for.  This week's winners were: customer service for the Herbfarm restaurant, a national medical scheduler (wtf is that?), and an assistant to a funeral home director. Think I'll be going to any interviews?  But at least I have the resume written, even if it isn't that great.

And all this constant thinking about starting a business, writing a business plan, scouring craigslist for job prospects, going to has got me thinking a lot about a question that arrises for me, a lot.  "What do I want to do with my life?"  it's like I have career ADD.  I can never seem to settle on one thing.  I think that is why I love this blog so much.  I get to do so many different things, all under the same umbrella of the blog.  Some things stick, like the yoga.  Which I have to say is funny that I love it so much, and love the same-ness of it, considering this ADD thing.  But I would probably get this if I wanted to be a Bikram teacher.  I think it just has to do with my professional life, as if I have one of those.  I should check out my astrological chart on this one.  yea, that was another one of my possible careers...professional witch, what with all the herbs and astrology, i think I may even have a crystal ball somewhere.  Nope, probably got rid of that during "purging my stuff month."

Well, that is where I am at right now.  And speaking of stars and astrology, I am hoping this Gemini moon draws me right into the details, into the nitty gritty bitty pieces of it all...sometimes I get lost when I get all out in the big picture.  I think I'll set some goals for myself for the weekend.

1. Meet with Amy
2. Put my laundry away
3. Go to yoga Saturday and Sunday
4. Decide what to do with my life (just kidding)


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