Saturday, February 5, 2011

You're Hired!

This month, Melissa and I are talking business, doing business, culminating in writing a business plan. It's our own version of The Apprentice, except no one gets fired! We just might go broke.

I've been part of a start-up business, a non-profit business, a corporate business, and I've even owned my own business. A number of my friends are M.B.A.s, one even from Wharton (yes you are detecting an obsession with the Trump family). I've known people who've: acquired venture capitol; invested their trust funds into business; and or scrimped and saved their earnings to invest in their own enterprise.

Who among us hasn't had that million-dollar idea, if not fleeting,during a late night session with friends and a good bottle of wine?

What speaks to me most about entrepreneurship is the potential for world-changing creative output from hard work and collaboration that can lead to sustainable and equitable living...

Speaking of business I have to head out to help scout new locations for this year's hives for the Urban Bee Company (my husband's endeavor). More thoughts on all of the above soon!

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