Monday, February 28, 2011

Part 3: Chicken Soup Kills the Soul

I like pretzels, but I'm not making them every day.
Photo by Amy Baranski
Posted by Amy Baranski
Continued from Part 2: Enterprising

I had serious doubts.  After calling Cookspace, finding out their rates, and learning from the owner that several meal delivery services nixed their leases when the economy crashed, a pretty gloomy picture of our Soup and WOW! Pretzels Too! enterprise started shaping up. Without an alternative, I worried Melissa would think I was breaking up with her.

When we sat down, Melissa looked me dead in the eye and said: I’m not really excited about soup.

Was this a dare? Or, was this an I like eating soup and making soup every day will kill my soul kind of moment? It all came out. Since January I’ve been enrolled in a gardening/horticultural program, and Melissa’s been pursuing a path of birthing assistant work for some time now. On top of that we’re doing the blog for a whole year. These interests have nothing to do with meal delivery services, although I’m sure some far-fetched connections could be made.

So, in our typical fashion we spent time processing and unanimously closed the books on the Soup and WOW! Pretzels Too! business. We uncovered a simple fact (that was with us all along) which is our mutual interest lies in this blog, and wherever it takes us. And, if that’s just right here that’s fine. But, unquestionably there's more to learn and do.

We took the business plan template (it’s a PowerPoint document for all of you interested in such details) and started plugging in information about our blog. This includes background and historical facts, along with marketing efforts (those undertaken in 2010 and 2011 opportunities), our personal strengths, a description of our project, how we operate, and many other things.

Let's Discuss!

If there’s a lesson here it’s that sometimes the best choice is to simply work with what you’ve got. So I'm interested if you've ever come to this point in your own's some (ahem) food for thought. Please share your experiences by commenting below.
  • When do you over-complicate things?
  • How have you reached further than you needed for something? 
  • When and how have you experienced success with trying something new?
Just click “comment” at the end of the post. Type your thoughts in the box. Select a profile to sign your name (you can simply select your name or anonymous). Click “post comment”.



Matty said...

~~I over-think it. KISS is the way to go for me: keep it simple stupid.
~~....further than needed.....hmmm, tough one. I think I reach as far as I need and then I stop. Laziness can be a blessing and a curse. I don't go much further than needed. I suppose reference #1 for similar answer here.
~~Risk. Persistence. Long, long hours. Passion. Stress...and then release and let go. Make thine own luck ladies....and a good luck with that.
Chin chin.

Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski said...

Thanks for your thoughts, Matty. Thoughtful words indeed...