Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Bird from the Hand

original Sharpie drawing by Melissa
A list of things I am learning today:
  • That evidently different people's computers give them different Google results.  When I stated the other day that if you search "good luck with that" on Google we come up third on the list, I thought that would be the case across the board, on everyone's computer, or chosen browser.  Not the case.  I have been told we don't even come up on the first page on other people search, in the same search engine.  What is up with that?
  • When you sit around the house most of the day with a sick kid, there isn't as much exciting stuff to write about...which leads to more of a list, rather than paragraphs and whole thoughts that actually work together.
  • For the last five hours I have been looking forward to a reality TV show.  Does that make me pathetic?  Or oddly patriotic?
  • I saw a commercial for Miracle Whip.  Are you kidding me?  Miracle Whip is like mayonnaise's ugly stepchild.  (what kind of awful euphemism is that??? but I still used it.)  I hate Miracle Whip, and if it was my stepchild, I wouldn't even feign liking it.
  • Uranus (insert juvenile laughter) is in Libra in the 8th house in my chart, and Saturn in Libra is transiting at the same degree.  An enthusiastic and talented astrologer I know texted me to say "you better get ready cause you are going to  have some changes, decisions will be made and things will be uprooted."  Super exciting, and I know I am growing because I  used to get all wrapped up in the fire and brimstone of it all...and now I am excited to see what grows where something I don't need anymore is uprooted.  I am more interested in the phoenix rising from the ashes than the fire that creates the ash.
  • I love this blog.  I got out a book from the library today about blogs and I loved reading that too, and I don't like many books.  I went from being embarrassed to tell anyone that I had a blog, like I was jumping on some lame bandwagon that was already overflowing with the dredges of humanity.  To handing our cards to everyone, still blushing a little, but ready to own it more and more.
  • I forgot how much I like to draw, and I was thinking back to painting month...the very first blog month for me as I was standing in front of my Peacock Feather painting in my hallway...I decided to do a little drawing.  Ravens or crows have been on my mind lately, they seem to be everywhere.  Watching, eyeing me up, sensing my internal nervous thought that one will dive down and peck me on my head...which makes me think that it will happen even more cause they can sense that shit.  I often think of their wings, the shape and the way their feathers must feel...stiff and yet, soft.  Mind you, I would never touch one of their wings, cause either they would never be that close to me alive and if they were dead then that would be gross and some voice inside tells me, ashamedly, that I would get some disease.  I also am fond of the Moon, always.  The picture above is what I was up to for the last hour.              
  • I am leaning more toward the nursing today.
  • Getting into the numbers part of a business plan is still the hardest, and I don't know if that will ever change.
  • Always, Always, Always save your stuff as you go...or you'll lose it.  

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