Friday, February 18, 2011

Pairings: Tai Chi & Pork Dumplings

Posted by Amy Baranski

I love the idea of activity pairings! To go with Tai Chi, I'd suggest Pork Dumplings. Because the best dumplings I ever had were in China. Melissa, maybe someday you (and I) can finally "make a good dumpling." And just maybe that day is in March. Dumpling-making parties anyone??

Pork dumpling masters at Chinese Box Courtyard Hostile in Beijing.

Pinching closed the dumpling.

Time for a dumpling party!
(Photos by Bob Redmond).
Always Amy.


Jen Diamond said...

Hey ladies,

Elaine Wu is going to teach us to make dumplings in May. Do you wanna come to? It was an item I bought at the auction.

Jen Diamond

melissa said...

I would LOVE that. I am gone one week in May, so let me know when it is. And May is poker month, so maybe we can play a game. Or you should come to one of our poker nights!