Monday, February 7, 2011

business meetings and Eazy-E

I had a business meeting today.  I had no idea how truly excited I was for this venture until today, after I met with Amy for our first "official" business meeting.  Could I say business meeting in every sentence?  I won't.  But I could.  So, anyway, back to the business meeting...what has happened in the past when I come up with all these great business ideas is that I blab my mouth about them all at every chance, mostly over drinks with people, and what happens is the excitement fizzles.  I spread the energy too thin and receive mixed reviews and then I go nowhere with the original idea.  For instance, one of my ideas was the "Door Whore", who could forget that one?  It was for a clicker, like the thing that unlocks your car from a distance, but for the front door of your house.  I know that fancy rich people probably already have this, but mine was for the people, the working class, the everyday mom that has three screaming kids and ten bags in her arms and has to pee and can barely hold it cause she has given birth to so many god damn kids, ok, so I was thinking of myself.  And the inspiration for its clever name came from an old Eazy-E (1963-1995)  song "Eazy Duz It", because the door whore's tag line was "...for easy access, baby."  It's a well-known line from that song where they ask Eazy why he wears his pants like that.   Yea, I know, I have had some rockin' good ideas.  It's a wonder I haven't become one of those fancy rich people already.

But my point in all this is to say, this time the excitement is growing, the energy increases exponentially every time we talk about it.  It could be that the idea is better then previous ones, or it could be that the timing is right.  The people involved have complementary skills and enough wit and openness to laugh a lot and be flexible.  My last post I was concerned about not sharing the idea with everyone here on the blog, but now I feel like there was a deeper reason.  It isn't about worrying that someone might steal the idea, I mean...maybe that is a reason for someone else and a side benefit form me not sharing the idea on here, but for me, the reason that is bubbling up is that keeping it to ourselves allows for us to cultivate it without a lot of external input.  And while often that input can be positive, sometimes it's negative, and not in a constructive way.  I am thinking of it like incubating some chick eggs...keep them warm and safe, you don't want a lot of people handling them because they could crack.  I like to be warm, and safe.  And I don't want to crack.  Speaking of crack, it's seems to all be coming back to Eazy-E today, huh?

peace out.

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