Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who will win the Ultimate Grand Supreme?

Jamie and the drummer @ Forza cafe
Snowing in Seattle today, sort of.  Toddlers and Tiaras on the TV, and everyone's in a tizzy because Eden Wood is there.  Apparently, Eden Wood must win all of these "let's make our 4 year old daughter look like a trashy whore" competitions.

The real question of the episode is though, who will get the Ultimate Grand Supreme?  Isn't that the question we are all asking ourselves every day?  How are we going to take the prize every day in our own life?  What success are we going to forge toward today?  That is part of what I found so refreshing at Jamie's gig the other night.  It wasn't that I thought the music was bad (sorry Jamie, i didn't mean to blog all over your ego), the music was great.  But seriously, you aren't going to win a Grammy, nor do you want to, right?  That was my point, that the band was having so much fun and everyone could see that and feel that.  It was simply a good ole time.

But the toddlers...now there is some serious competition.  That show is a train wreck, so bad I cannot stop watching.  Turns out Eden Wood didn't win the Ultimate Grand Supreme (I am sorry, but doesn't that just sound a little too KKK?) at the Ohio State Pageant, ironically a little black girl walked away with the title.

I spent most of my day swapping childcare with a couple different families.  I got to go to yoga, and had a super hard class...hot, challenging, and mentally taxing.  The thing is though, that even after a hard class, I always feel better than before I went.  Makes me wonder why I ever choose not to go.  I'd have to say the highlight of my day so far was doing my friend's dishes.  I found her home to be very comfortable, despite her humble text to me that when I arrived it might be a big fat mess.  Sure it was messy, but don't all houses with kids get messy...and if not, then what the fuck is wrong with you?  Do you have a nanny and a house cleaner and a cook?  Or do you just not have a life?  This friend is a midwife and had been out of her house for who knows how long with a first time mom in labor since yesterday, and had to manage childcare from afar, while also doing her job.  It brought me smile after smile to think of her walking into a clean kitchen after a long, long birth.

The whole birth thing brings me back to the business plan.  Since I am a doula, that is always something I could write up a business plan for.  And I think of that from time to time while I am learning all this business stuff, I think about the fact that what I am learning has the possibility to be applicable in many other areas when I feel the time is right.

Speaking of the time being right, there is another thing weighing on my mind these days.  Since I recently lost my job and am on unemployment, I found out there is a program out there right now for retraining.  There is actually money allocated to not only pay for school for up to two years, if you play your cards right (aka...fill out tons of paperwork and say what the government agency wants to hear), but also you can keep receiving your unemployment check while you get your education.  My thought is...why not get my RN?   I'd be one step closer to the ever present, yet sometimes dormant, dream to become a midwife.  The hitch is that I have this birth assistant job possibility, said to be starting in June.  I can't do both, if I am working, I don't qualify for the program.   The RN job offers more job security and better pay, with the hope of getting closer to being a midwife.  The birth assistant job offers less money, but mean I would get in the birth room now and be a part of something I love.  I have to decide soon.  And this is all also why the soup and pretzel thing just didn't seem viable right now...with these things on the horizon, I don't think I would have the energy to put towards a start-up food business, with only two employees!

Me and Lily and Tallulah are all hanging out in a cafe right now listening to Jamie play some jazz with a trio...guitar, sax and drums.  The scene is a far cry from the Toddlers and Tiaras of just an hour ago.  Although, they did just get done playing "Someday My Prince Will Come." And you know, the music isn't half bad.  ;)  It's fun, but in a whole different way than a saloon in Snoho.  Less whiskey, more coffee and Shiraz.  Tallulah could give little Eden Wood a run for her money though, as I type she is making her way around the cafe with a tip jar...smiling her way into the hearts of the patrons, and their pockets.

The snow has turned to rain, as it often does in these parts.  And Tallulah's smile has turned into a whining face begging for a treat, as it also often does...

And I am off, not necessarily in search of my own special "Ultimate Grand Supreme" like I think I used to...but just to chill and bite my nails and sip some wine and watch Lily sweetly reading her book.  (and try to ignore Tallulah)


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