Wednesday, July 6, 2011


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What is Serendipitous?   Today, several components.

yes, yet another.
1. It was the name of my drink tonight at Smith. (which I wanted to showcase in a photo, hence the repeat of our fun photo shoot, but my phone took a terrible picture in the dim Smith light.)

2. The fact that I asked Amy if the reason why she wanted to have a meeting about the blog with me before she leaves for Hawaii was because she wanted to quit and she said, "No!!! It's because I am wanting to get more into the blog!!!"  (Yes, I used a lot of exclamation points, but if you know Amy, you know that she is often loud.)

3. I decided on my first poem to memorize and I started the process.  I no longer have a commitment issue.

4. I saw a post by the Sweatbox on FB that shared a TED link about a guy doing a new thing for 30 days.  I clicked the link and watched it.  I though, "Hey!  That is what me and Amy are doing!"  And so, instead of being a quiet watcher, I commented and shared our blog link.

5. Some random person saw my comment, clicked our link, read our blog, shared a poem on my "Kitchen Song" post, and said they liked the blog!  (*super exciting*)

6. Amy and I had our first blog meeting in months, by chance at Smith, where we had our best poutine ever, and the sangria that was the aforementioned...Serendipitous.

7. And now, the name of my new (silly, for fun) poem:

Amy and I had a meeting at Smith
Where we shared the most delicious dish.
I declared that we be brought our own plate
because sharing cheesy, gravy fries is something I hate.

We both had a glass of cabernet coke sangria
and we laughed loud like we do.

We talked about who could be reading our blog
and who doesn't, What? are they snobs?
While we may be twisted and believe in dark fate,
We hope that you read along, because you relate.

And if you don't, well that's alright and we'll see ya.
Because some other people do.

That's it for tonight good people that read.  Don't miss voting on our newest poll!

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