Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Observations" of an 11 year old on a Metro bus

posted by Melissa

I memorized two Dorothy Parker poems in the past two days.  I memorized the first one during my Psychology class, pretty fitting.  It is the one I posted before and I will post here again, by memory.

Me, Cal Anderson Park, 2011

Razors pain you,
Rivers are damp,
Acids stain you
and drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful,
Nooses give,
Gas smells awful,
You might as well live.

During my break in psych class yesterday, I paced around Cal Anderson park trying to talk my self into reciting the poem aloud.  I said it out loud several times, only no one could hear me.  I may have looked a bit like a crazy person muttering to myself, but at the time it felt safer than sending my voice through the airwaves for all to hear.

And the other one is also by Dorothy Parker: (again, written form memory)
Lily, wishing I would stop reciting poetry on the bus.


If I don't drive around through the park,
I'm pretty sure I'll make my mark.
If I go to bed each night by ten,
I might get back my looks again,
If I abstain from fun and such,
I'll probably amount to much.
But I shall stay the way I am,
Because I do not give a damn.

Just another day of poetry.  I recited the second one to Amy and Bob, somewhat quietly, on the Seattle Metro bus this evening on the way to the Mariner's game.  Lily was humiliated, god she gets so angry.  She reminded me that part of the plan was that she would not be there when I recited my poem out loud, in public.  I didn't know that, but in the hopeful (fingers double crossed) likelihood that I remain in my eldest's good graces, I will make sure she is not there.

You know, I think she might actually hate me.  Every time I try to say something cool, it explodes in my face.  Today I tried to include her in a conversation about, Oh, nevermind, if she ever reads this, she'd kill me.  She already bruised me with her kick to my calf today during said conversation.  So, I am keeping my mouth shut.

In regards to the poetry though, I kinda like being forced into walking the line between crazy and artist and "maybe that person has a cell phone ear bud in and no one can see it."  Especially since usually, I feel like I lean more toward simply crazy.

More on Dorothy next time...and in her honor,  I'll be having another glass of wine.
-Melissa is decided, by the readers, I shall memorize Kipling's poem for my recitation.  Thanks for all your comments!


sophanne said...

It's so hard to be 11. I wish Lily would write a poem called that -

Melissa said...

Believe me, I try to get her to express herself in writing, at least that way I can read it in a pleasant tone if I choose :)