Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where a good sidetrack can find you

What an afternoon.  I sat down to the computer with two intentions:

1.) To find a good article on memorizing poetry so I could blog about it.  I actually had found it a couple days ago and thought I saved it, but alas, it was gone.
2.) To find an article to use for writing my Psychology paper.

I started out diligently, searching on my school's academic database, perusing scholarly articles.  Feeling pretty smart, the way only a good abstract that 80% of people can't understand can make you feel.  Then somehow I ended up on Funny or Die.  Do you know that website?  Oh my.  There is some funny shit on that website.  It's as good or better than Damn you, Auto Correct!  I could spend hours, literally, laughing my ass off at this stuff. (seriously, there are some good ones on DYAC today)

And while I didn't spend hours plural, I was getting dangerously close, so I had to pry myself away and blog.  But I do want to leave you with a couple gems from Funny or Die:

The first is a parody called "Black and Jewish"

and this one with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon:

There is rhyming in both, so it kinda comes close to poetry.  And isn't a good laugh just what we need sometimes.

And I only have 11 days until performance time, so I better get my but up off this chair in front of the computer and get to pacing and reciting.  Pacing is how I memorize most effectively.  And it is my best bet at looking like a crazy person.

Hope you enjoyed my sidetrack.  Have a great Friday night everyone!

Sorry, I found the original History of rap and HAD to add it in.

ok, now for real...I'm out.

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