Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tea Party People Let Me Hear Some Noise!

By Amy Baranski

Somebody named me cookout coordinator. Maybe it was Mike or Carol Oliver...or Mike from down the block, or Mona...

I sloughed off the title for a few days. Figuring that we're just a rag-tag team of neighbors anyway.

Then I remembered my red cowboy hat.

And I was suddenly struck with the good sense to buy two American flags on sticks at the local Quality Food Center!

I just love parties with a theme. Get yerself a gettup and get on with it girrl. So after spending a good deal of time mentally assembling my Fourth of July outfit which went from star-spangled sexy, to country cute, to tomboy (and real quick), I thought about making a potato salad.

This cookout coordination is hard work.

Of course there had to be a moment to show off this hardworkin cookout coordinatin. What better than a good old soapbox to recite a classical piece from memory? And so it was the Declaration of Independence. But of course, after spending 4 hours in the morning dedicated to rote memorization of a few choice paragraphs I could barely recite the piece to Al (my congressman neighbor). He seemed amused though. "That's good stuff," he said.

It's still a mystery how I ended up half naked in bed with the overhead light on. Some things we'll never know. But, I did discover a gem of a text message exchange with my brother in which I thought he was reciting the Declaration of Independence to me. In fact, he said Happy Fourth. Same thing?

I was affirmed to see another Baranski had a line tucked away in memory.

Maybe I will join the damn Tea Party, for when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce [you] under absolute despotism it is [your] right, it is [your] duty to throw off your clothes and provide new guards to protect [your] future security.

Happy Birthday America!

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