Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Leaf

By Amy Baranski

That's my new leaf, turned over and all.
Last month I was faithful to the new thing: bowling. I bowled every week. 164 was my high-score of the month, of which I was proud. I bowled with Melissa, Jaime, the Baumgart kids, my friends, Bob and Mom. I even bowled a Turkey once. But, I didn’t blog. So, this month I’m turning over a new leaf and starting off with a list of 10 reasons why this blog is better than my day job.
  1. Monthly photo shoot!
  2. No middle managers.
  3. Better clothes.
  4. Mindfulness not mindlessness.
  5. More opportunity.
  6. Less email.
  7. Less waste.
  8. No double talk.
  9. Cocktails.
  10. No insults…except the funny ones.


Amy Baranski said...

You know - a list just to keep me motivated.

Bob Redmond said...

We heart lists.

Melissa Baumgart and Amy Baranski said...

yes, we know are a man after all. :)