Monday, June 3, 2013

Run a Race

Posted by Amy Baranski and Melissa Baumgart
Welcome to June!

We're ready to lace up our running shoes (We are????)  and get out there to record some "Personal Bests"!!!
So, bring it, June.  Or as you are known in the PNW, June-uary.   Melissa is signed up for one race already, a 5K and she plans on getting in a 10K by the month's end (Good Luck With That!)  Amy is not yet signed up, but hopes to get some running in this month too.  Time to whip out the jogging stroller!

Anyone else running some races?  Post your race on our FB page, and maybe we'll join you!


Leah said...

these pictures are seriously awesome. thank you for that moment of levity :-) can one of the next GLWTs be: start a band? cause i'd totally come to that show <3 and also, you rock the inspiringness... good luck clockin miles(km)...

Melissa Baumgart said...

Thanks, Leah! Well, if you'd come to our never know what we'll do! Although, we both chickened-out when it came to stand-up month!