Monday, June 24, 2013

How not to run on a broken toe

Posted by Melissa Baumgart
I went for a run today!
(Late post due to technical difficulties), this happened two days ago...those in Seattle will be able to tell as they look out to the gloomy weather and think, what gorgeous Seattle day is this?)

I know, I said I would go the other day.  But then I wore shoes all day, just to see how it would feel, and it was terrible!  My toe hurt so bad by the end of the day, I couldn't bear the thought of running on it.  Plus, I sat in Seattle traffic for an hour and fifteen minutes...and let me tell you, going constantly from the gas to the brake does not feel good on a likely-broken toe!

Today was a gorgeous Seattle day, and I started it off nicely with a trip to a new skate park.  Haha, did you think I went skateboarding?  I love taking my kids to the skate park.  I find it relaxing and inspiring to see these super skilled skater guys flowing swiftly over the smooth concrete.  I left there inspired to do something physical, and proceeded to sit on my ass at the park and at home for most of the day.

Finally, I talked Tallulah into skating with me as I ran around the neighborhood.  My goal was simple - one mile.  As I started running, I couldn't believe how much it didn't hurt.  The running shoes are where it's at.  I felt supported, and even though I had a slight limp in my run, it felt so good.  It would seem that running imparts less impact on the toes than walking.  The whole mile, my toe felt really great.  That is until the very end, when I tripped over a bump in the sidewalk, stubbing my toe right into the cement.

Yeah.  Real nice, Melissa.  What was that I said about not being accident prone?  Let's hope I didn't mess it up even more and that I can get more than a mile in tomorrow.  And I have been doing the push-ups and sit-ups too...and I can do 50 push-ups in a day, split into two sessions!!  That's huge for me.

It's the little things in life...the ups and downs...the push-ups and broken toes.

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