Friday, June 14, 2013

No more running for me

Nursing my wound
Posted by Melissa Baumgart
This week, our living room and dining room floors were just transformed from an old crappy indoor/outdoor-like blue carpeting to sanded and finished wood floors.  It totally changes the whole living space and our home feels a million times better.  It almost makes all the whining and fighting amongst the kids bearable, until I realize that the acoustics have increased the volume of said noises. 

In the midst of the floor being worked on, we had to move most of the furniture and decor to other parts of the apartment.  Our apartment isn't that large.  It's not that small either, but with 5 people's things in it, it gets crowded.  So, all through our long, narrow hallway were a string of tables and chairs with various photos and kid's art stacked on top of them. 

Any guesses what happens in the middle of the night when you get up, in the dark, to walk to your bathroom when there are all these "not usually there" pieces of furniture in the long, narrow hallway? And remember, I've given birth lots, so I usually have to RUN to the bathroom as I cannot hold it very long.  TMI?  Too bad.

That's right, the answer is... Bam!  My toe rammed right into one of the beautiful metal chairs from our dining room, that is now in the hallway.  Where it doesn't belong.

Not only did I do this once on Monday night, but again on Wednesday night.  The latter incident was so bad that I can barely walk.  My middle toe looks like one of those gluten filled sausages Amy tried to get me to eat during Paleo month.  It's the kind of bruise that takes days to show up, but the pain is so great, you know it must be there somewhere. 

It may very well be broken, but what can be done for a broken toe?  I don't think anything can be done.  So, for now, I'll limp around town and wince when I step the wrong way.  And pray that no one steps on my toe or drops anything on it!  And sadly, not run for at least a week.


Carol said...

I always tape it to the toe or toes next to it. Keeps it straight and somehow it feels more protected. Or maybe it just feels comforted that it isn't alone?

Melissa Baumgart said...

Thanks for the tip, Carol!